Green Livelihoods Alliance

Milieudefensie, IUCN-NL and Tropenbos International strengthen civil society organisations for inclusive and sustainable forest governance.

Clean water, fertile soil and a stable climate are crucial to inclusive and sustainable development worldwide. These natural services are provided by healthy ecosystems, particularly by forested landscapes in Africa, Asia and South-America. If governed well, forested landscapes enable rural economies to prosper, sustaining not only the local communities but also international commodity chains.

Despite the tremendous services forested landscapes provide, almost a third of the world’s forests have disappeared and another 20% of global forest cover is seriously degraded. Therefore, Milieudefensie cooperates with IUCN-NL and and Tropenbos International in the Green Livelihoods Alliance (GLA), an Alliance that aims to halt deforestation and promote sustainable forest governance and safeguarding natural services that forests provide. The Green Livelihoods Alliance will act to support local communities in forested landscapes and strengthen civil society organisations in the lobby and advocacy towards sustainable forest governance.

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Het gaat nu maar om 1 ding: het oplossen van de coronacrisis. Samen kunnen we deze crisis aan. Toch is het verstandig om ook alvast vooruit te kijken: naar de economische crisis en de klimaatcrisis. Want hoe willen we verder? Door nu naar de toekomst te kijken, komen we hier samen beter uit.