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Milieudefensie: Vision

Milieudefensie: Vision

24 februari 2015

Milieudefensie is working on making the Netherlands a place where less is wasted of what the earth offers us – as well as a place that shares fairly with the rest of the world and with generations to come. Support from and efforts by the community are crucial for this.

How we view the world

A clean and just world is possible. However, the present strain on the earth exceeds all its limits. And this overburdening won’t stop by itself. To halt it, sweeping changes in production and consumption are needed. Milieudefensie believes this can only succeed with support from and efforts by ordinary people.  They are crucial to realise the necessary changes and to provide resistance to the short-sightedness of government and business.

A shift is needed from the current economy, focused on permanent growth and running on fossil fuels and the exhaustion of raw materials, to a circular economy running on sustainable energy. This requires a structural change in companies’ operating procedures, in the management of government and its policies and in the values that drive us as a society. History shows that major changes are possible. Otherwise, slavery would still exist and women would still not be able to vote.

How we view our role

Milieudefensie shows the impacts of current worldwide production and consumption on people and the environment. And we accelerate the shift to a sustainable and just world by calling on businesses and governments to move in a different direction. We do this in collaboration with the general public.

These people are our principal audience and our partners. Milieudefensie mobilises people so that together we can get business and government moving. That’s why a great deal of our attention is focused on informing and inspiring people. People who are already working toward a sustainable Netherlands have an ally in Milieudefensie. Milieudefensie is an association. Our reason for existence is to represent our members and donors.

Milieudefensie addresses businesses on their responsibility to improve sustainability – both in the Netherlands and internationally. We stimulate them to place the creation of societal value at the forefront in their business operations, to do business responsibly and to actively contribute to a transition to a fair, circular economy using fewer natural resources.

Government is crucial to improving the sustainability of our society, because it makes the rules and sets the standards within which its citizens and companies consume, produce and innovate. Government also has the unique ability to forcibly impose sustainability. When it fails to do its job, Milieudefensie publically expresses its criticism.

Our Themes

Milieudefensie is active in four main areas: Food, Energy, Mobility and Economy. We keep close track of developments within these themes, carry out campaigns, maintain networks and stimulate long-term involvement with partners and potential partners.