Thema Mobility

If it is up to Milieudefensie, we will transport ourselves and our stuff solely in a manner that doesn’t impact the climate or our air quality. We walk, cycle, take clean public transport or use (shared) electric cars. The air quality will improve, because there will be less fossil fuelled transit. In cities, space for playing, recreation and living will grow. More fun and healthy for people, better for the climate.

Sustainably through the city

Who owns the city?

Sustainably through the city

The way we transport ourselves and our goods has a significant impact on the climate. Road transport in the Netherlands accounts for a quarter of our total CO2 emissions. On top of that, cars and vans take up a great amount of space, both on the road as on the many parking lots. In our cities this has a great impact on the quality of our living environment. Milieudefensie inspires people to look at the city with different eyes. By actively experimenting with sustainable transport options for an accessible city, we show inhabitants and policy makers that cities can be different: healthy, better liveable and sustainable.

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