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How to make electronics companies take a historic step

How to make electronics companies take a historic step

Oct 20, 2014

16356 small steps for us, one giant leap for the electronics industry. After two years of campaigning, 14 of the most important electronics companies are with us. Two grams of our smartphones will be extracted sustainably. The remainder still not. But this is only the beginning.

14 companies, among which Microsoft, Philips, Apple and Samsung, promise improvement for Bangka. Companies who cooperatie voluntarily on more sustainable extraction of tin. That proves it is possible.

But to really make big steps we must go to the politicians. That's why our next destination is Brussels. Because we want the European Union to make sure that electronic products will last longer, will be easier to repair and that e-waste will be recycled better. Because in the end only a circulair economy, with 100 percent reuse and recycling, is a sustainable and fair economy. Are you with us?