Thema Forests

Milieudefensie fights deforestation in two ways. We support the people living in the rainforests in their struggle with palm oil companies. We try to decrease the demand for palm oil in the Netherlands and Europe. To achieve this, we are building a movement against deforestation. Get on board!


How do we protects our rainforests?

Protect The rainforest and Our Future

Rainforests are the most diverse landscapes on earth. Their rich biodiversity is unmatched. Millions of people live in these forests and over 1 billion people rely on the rainforest for their survival, directly or indirectly. We might not realise it, but the rainforests are a crucial part of our lives too. Without the 3 trillion (!) trees on earth, life would not be possible. Deforestation creates greenhouse gasses (CO2), which contribute strongly to climate change. About two thirds of the forests on earth have already been destroyed. We must act now to prevent the annihilation of our rainforests. Join us in our struggle to save the forests.

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24 augustus 2016 03 april 2017