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Milieudefensie wants the whole world to have access to energy, without pollution. Oil, gas and coal were the fuels of the 20th century; shale gas and tar sands are a step in the completely wrong direction. We must become fossil-free, 100% sustainable, without using up the forests or our food. This is possible by using the sun, wind, algae and geothermal energy. And perhaps most important: stop energy waste – this by itself would cut waste in half!

Shell in Nigeria

The biggest oil spill on earth

Shell in Nigeria

Do you remember the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico? At least two times more oil has been leaked in Nigeria. A UN report (UNEP, August 2011) revealed that the region is even more severely polluted than we feared. The consequences for local people are immense. As the largest foreign oil corporation in Nigeria, Shell is to a significant degree responsible for this. We therefore ask Shell to clean up the oil, compensate residents and maintain pipelines and installations properly to prevent new leaks.

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Biofuels seemed ideal. They would lead to lower CO2 emissions and reduced dependence on oil imports from unstable or dictatorial countries. However, using biofuels will not prevent climate change and their production competes with food production. It would be better to invest money and energy in cleaner vehicles, better public transport and protection of forests. This way the last forests will be preserved and agricultural lands used for food will remain intact. Lees meer...

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