How does Earth Alarm work?

How does Earth Alarm work?

How does Earth Alarm work?

14 maart 2011

As only one person you often powerless. What can one person do against a government which has plans to construct a dam. Or a company that is dumping toxic waste. Or loggers who are destroying tropical rainforest. By joining our Earth Alarm project you can provide real support. Your pen is your best weapon.

How does it work

As a letter-writer you will receive from us several 'Alarms' a year. Every Alarm contains information about an important environmental issue. An example letter is included. In this example letter an environmentally friendly alternative is described.

The Alarms often concern enormous projects, involving great sums of money. A few letters are not enough to stop the persons or organizations responsible for the environmental damage. But if thousands of people write letters, the effect will be greater. Journalists will start to write about the issue and governments and companies will become more vulnerable to public opinion. Success is within reach!


Earth Alarm was established in 1992 and has achieved much success thus far. Earth Alarm writers have written letters for more than 150 issues. One-third of these cases achieved positive results and other cases are still pending.

Earth Alarm supports people and organizations worldwide in their efforts to protect the environment.

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